After dropping out of film school after 3 semesters I never would of guessed I’d pick up a video camera again. I soon learned that video doesn’t have to be some artsy soliloquy but can help real people, doing real things, in the real world. Something I’m all about! Everyone has a story to tell, and I’m here to help people get their story out there through this powerful visual medium.



Upper Ninety isn't your typical after-school soccer club in East Austin. Using Socio-Emotional Learning, mindfulness and Restorative Justice, Upper Ninety provides students with some essential tools they can use on and off the soccer field.

Local, pastured, hormone/GMO free, and delicious! Meet Mum Foods, The BEST Texas BBQ “that no one's ever heard of.”

Texas Immigration detention centers are not new. Learn how local program, Girasol has been providing much needed support to families who are seeking asylum in these centers.